How it works in practice

Process Management

We work with innovative methodologies to ensure that the entire reformatting process is done from start to finish as planned.


Collection of information


Strategic planning


Assignment of responsibilities


Formatting process


Continuity formalization

Our business areas

Excellence in Services

Complete IT Solutions (Design-Integrate-Implement-Sustain)

It's Known fact that by using Technology, you can reduce costs,speed up business processes and simplify tasks that lead to the rapid growth of your business.

S.A.S. Specialty is the designing of comprehensive secure and sustained solution, by complying technology and its Peripherals to your needs and budget.

E-Government Solutions

Electronic Government, Digital Government, Smart Government, All are names for the same book on how to build bridges for successful and secure incorporation between private and public sectors. Simple Applicable Solutions (S.A.S) can build bridges.

Institutional Development

The success key to create technical solutions is through the upgrade and simplification of the organization's work procedure, this will reflect on its body, role and identity and will deducre the accurate needed capabilities for sustainable prosperity.

S.A.S provides accurate and professional answers to your questions how to perform a smooth and cost efficient transition.

All About Data

Files, Information, Data, Big Data, Archiving, BlockChain. Whatever your data type, S.A.S experts helps you to manage, protect and invest it.